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4 common sheet piles construction problems that need attention

Customers often encounter many problems in steel sheet piles construction. Here we summarize the most representative construction problems that need attention and the corresponding solutions for your reference.

Steel sheet piles construction

1. When the inclination of the steel sheet pile along the axis is large, the special-shaped pile is used to correct it. The special-shaped pile is generally a sheet pile with a width larger than or smaller than the standard width. The special-shaped pile can be welded according to the actual inclination; when the inclination is small, It is also possible to use a hoist or hoist and wire rope to pull the pile in reverse and then hammer it.

2. The sheet piles will not be driven deep enough when large rocks or other unknown obstacles are encountered during the piling process. In this case, one can use corners or pile around the obstacle to solve this problem.

3. During the extrusion process of the steel sheet pile, it is prone to deflection due to the different magnitudes of lateral extrusion forces such as rocks. Take the following measures to correct the deflection: Pull the steel sheet pile up by 1.0m~2.0m at the deflection position and then down. Hammering in, vibrating up and down several times in this way can shake or displace large stones, correct the position of the steel sheet pile, and reduce the inclination of the steel sheet pile.

4. Sometimes, the adjacent piles are brought in during construction in places where the foundation is soft. The measures adopted are to weld several adjacent piles together and apply grease and other lubricants to the connection locks of the piles to reduce resistance.

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